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A General Mining Engineer, Claude Riveline graduated from Ecole Polytechnique in 1956 and Mines ParisTech in 1961. He decided for teaching and researching, and for over 50 years he has been a professor in Mines ParisTech. In the 60s he founded the Scientific Management Lab (Centre de gestion scientifique), dedicating himself and his team to understanding what works – and what doesn’t – within organizations.
He has published many articles and several books, among them Evaluations des copurs (Cost Assessment and Evaluation, Presses de l’Ecole des Mines, 2005)

By Claude Riveline on ParisTech Review

Qu'est-ce qu’un grand dirigeant ? Pour Claude Riveline, la réponse à cette question a changé au fil du temps, car elle renvoie à la façon dont on se représente une entreprise : machine bien huilée, corps vivant, ou encore équipe soudée par des valeurs. Les modes passent, les représentations évoluent, la formule change. Mais le noyau de talent, voire de génie qui fait la différence semble échapper à ces formules. Les sciences de gestion sont-elles alors condamnées au bavardage ?
What makes a great leader? The answer to this question has changed over time, as it refers to the way we form our representations of a company – a well conceived machine, a living body, a spirited team... Trends come and go, representations evolve, formulas change. Yet, the actual core of talent, or even the stroke of genius that makes a difference, seems to escape these formulas. So are management sciences condemned to mere prattle?

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