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Christophe Deshayes has been deciphering trends of the digital age for twenty years, and their impact on society, business and everyday life. As a professional speaker, he has been giving over 1500 talks for business, think tanks, symposiums and universities.

Since 1996, he has led several research and technology watch companies. He has published in 2013 Petit Traité du Bonheur 2.0 (A Compact Treatise of Happiness 2.0) with Jean-Baptiste Stuchlik, and Les Vrais Révolutionnaires du numérique (True Digital Revolutionaries) with Michel Berry. He regularly publishes articles in the medias.

Jean-Baptiste Stuchlik has worked as a consultant at several international consulting firms, as Director of Health & Public Sector. As such he led many missions for international organizations, Work Councils and Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committees.

He holds a PhD in Management Science from the Ecole Polytechnique, and a Master of Science in Psychology. He has been teaching at the Sorbonne University and many Engineering schools. He has published in 2013 Petit Traité du Bonheur 2.0 with Christophe Deshayes.

  • Petit traité du bonheur 2.0 - Comment prendre soin de soi et des autres grâce aux technologies numér: Comment prendre soin de soi et des autres grâce aux technologies numériques
    Christophe Deshayes
    List Price: EUR 19,90
  • Les vrais révolutionnaires du numérique
    Michel Berry
    List Price: EUR 19,30
  • L'organisation du travail dans les centres d'appels
    Marc Dufau
    List Price: EUR 15,00

By Christophe Deshayes & Jean-Baptiste Stuchlik on ParisTech Review

En 2005, le web numérisait un champ nouveau et inattendu: les relations sociales. En organisant notre vie sociale, web 2.0 et réseaux sociaux ont métamorphosé notre quotidien. À l'orée de 2015, les technologies numériques s'apprêtent à investir un nouveau champ: notre relation à nous-même. Cette rencontre improbable entre technologie et psychologie pourrait augurer d'un bouleversement radical de notre quotidien, une troisième vague de la révolution numérique.
In 2005, the web digitized a new and unexpected field: social relationships. By organizing our social life, the Web 2.0 and social networks have transformed our lives. At the dawn of 2015, digital technologies are about to enter another new and awaited field: our relationship with ourselves. This unlikely encounter between technology and psychology forebodes a radical transformation of our everyday life, a third phase of the digital revolution.
Entrepreneurs, investors and gurus are on the lookout for the next Facebook, the next killer app that will draw in one billion users before anybody has even started to grasp its potential. It's difficult to foretell the name of the player who will hit the jackpot, but the playing field is almost certainly determined: the technologies of happiness and wellbeing.
Entrepreneurs, investisseurs et gourous sont à l'affût du prochain Facebook, la « next killer app » qui séduira un milliard d'utilisateurs avant même qu'on ait compris son potentiel. Difficile de nommer le champion qui remportera le gros lot, mais on peut d'ores et déjà raisonnablement identifier son terrain de jeu : les technologies du bonheur et du bien-être.

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