Carol Dumaine / Former Deputy Director for the Energy and Environmental Security at the US Department of Energy

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Carol Dumaine, a US government analyst, formerly served as the Deputy Director for the Energy and Environmental Security Directorate in the Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence at the Department of Energy. Her current efforts involve leveraging collaborative, open international networks and existing expert communities to enhance foresight and resiliency on global energy and environmental security risks and opportunities. Prior to this, she was director of the CIA’s Global Futures Partnership, a strategic “think-and-do tank” that promoted unclassified global knowledge sharing and networking across government and non-government sectors. Ms. Dumaine began her career as an intelligence analyst and served as an analyst and manager in the CIA's Directorate of Intelligence. She has degrees from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies.

By Carol Dumaine on ParisTech Review

Les difficultés d'approvisionnement en énergie et les aléas climatiques soulèvent des questions et présentent des risques en termes de sécurité nationale, risques qui sont aujourd'hui mal formulés et mal compris. Cet article, adapté d'une présentation de Carol Dumaine au 8ème Forum International de la sécurité de Genève, met en lumière ces points délicats et prône la mise en place d'une structure commune sur les enjeux liés à la sécurité, qui permette de mieux faire face aux changements en marche à l'échelle mondiale.
The combined challenges of energy and environmental security pose important national security questions and risks that, with few exceptions, remain poorly formulated and understood today. This article, adapted from a keynote address given by Carol Dumaine at the 8th International Security Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, shines light on these issues and calls for a common security framework to strengthen our ability to cope with global change.

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