Benjamin Israel & David Layzell / Research Coordinator, Energy Systems Analysis, ISEEE, University of Calgary & Professor and Director, CESAR Initiative, University of Calgary

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A graduate from Mines ParisTech (Master ISIGE) and Institut de géopolitique, Benjamin Israel is a research coordinator (Energy Systems Analysis) for Institute for Sustainable Energy, Economy and Environment (ISEEE) at the University of Calgary, Canada.

David B. Layzell is a professor and the director of Canadian Energy Systems Analysis Research (CESAR) Initiative at the University of Calgary. After 4.5 years as the Executive Director of ISEEE, David B. Layzell has stepped down and is now on an Administrative leave, actively pursuing a number of research projects and new initiatives.

ISEEE is an interdisciplinary, cross-faculty research and graduate training Institute at the University of Calgary focused on finding cost-effective solutions to the environmental challenges of energy production and use.

By Benjamin Israel & David Layzell on ParisTech Review

The resurgence of global oil prices in the early 2000's has created the conditions for the rapid deployment of a number of new energy technologies. In the last few years radical changes affected supply, competition, demand and social license. North America is now entering a new era in which economic, environmental and energy policy will not be defined by insecurity in energy supply, but by insecurity in market access.
Explosion de l'offre, concurrence accrue, contraction de la demande: ces trois tendances reconfigurent complètement les marchés des hydrocarbures aux Etats-Unis et au Canada. Toutes trois sont récentes, toutes trois sont associées à de nouvelles technologies, toutes trois semblent durables. Elles vont de pair avec un changement majeur, dont on n'a pas encore pris la mesure. Depuis le premier choc pétrolier, la question majeure était l'approvisionnement. Aujourd'hui, avec une production relocalisée qui pose des problèmes inédits d'acceptabilité sociale, c'est l'accès aux marchés.

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