Bénédicte Faivre-Tavignot / Executive Director of the Social Business/Enterprise & Poverty Chair, HEC School of Management

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A graduate from HEC Paris, Benedicte Faivre-Tavignot is co-founder and executive director of the HEC Social Business / Enterprise and Poverty Chair. She also is the director of the HEC Paris Master of Science in Sustainable Development.

Her research focus is on reverse innovation; she’s studying the processes through which social businesses and Base of the Pyramid business models can be a lever for innovation and strategic renewal. She received her PhD in Management Sciences in 2012.

Before joining HEC, she has worked 15 years in consulting and training, in Eurequip Consulting Group, and in Philips as controller.

By Bénédicte Faivre-Tavignot on ParisTech Review

Le social business et les nouveaux modèles d'accès aux biens et services peuvent-ils aider les multinationales des pays développés à se réinventer? Peuvent-ils être pour ces entreprises des leviers de renouveau stratégique? L'expérience de Danone suggère que oui. Mais une analyse fine des processus s'impose si l'on veut discerner les facteurs de succès.
Social business and new models of access to goods and services: can they help multinational companies from developed countries reinvent themselves? Or even, can they become levers of strategic renewal for these firms? Danone's experience suggests they can indeed. However, precise analysis of the underlying processes is required if we are to discern the factors that lead to success.


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