Benedetto Vigna / Executive Vice President, General Manager, Analog, MEMS & Sensors Group, STMicroelectronics

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Benedetto Vigna is Executive Vice President, General Manager of the Analog, MEMS & Sensors Group, at STMicroelectronics. He has held this position since September 2011. He is a member of ST’s Corporate Strategic Committee.

In 1995, Vigna joined STMicroelectronics’ R&D Labs and launched the Company’s efforts in MEMS. Six years later, he became Director of the MEMS Business Unit, responsible for design, manufacturing and marketing of ST’s MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes. These have been successfully adopted by large consumer equipment manufacturers for motion-activated user interfaces in many popular devices, including the Nintendo Wii game console and a wide range of successful smartphones and tablets. In 2007, Vigna’s scope was enlarged to include management of Sensors, RF, High-Performance Analog and Mixed Signal, Interface, Audio for Portable, and General-Purpose Analog products.

Vigna has filed more than 150 patents on micromachining to date, authored numerous publications in this field, and delivered many invited speeches at international conferences. He has served as industrial consultant for the President of the Italian Scientific Research Center and sits on the industrial board of several EU-funded programs.

Benedetto Vigna was born in Potenza, Italy, in 1969, and graduated with a degree in Subnuclear Physics from the University of Pisa, Italy.

By Benedetto Vigna on ParisTech Review

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