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Your ParisTech Review iPad app keeps bugging? We have the solution!

on June 6, 2012, 1 comment

Dear suscribers, if you read ParisTech Review on your iPad, you have probably experienced repetitive, discouraging bugs. Our application uses a lot of RAM and this is precisely what the iPad is lacking. But we have a solution. Actually, if you experience those bugs you probably don't know that apps need to be closed manually. If you don't do it, they will keep running in the background, causing the battery to drain at a faster rate… and other apps to bug.

Here’s the secret. Double-click the “Home” button (the small, circular button decorated with a small box and located at the bottom of the iPad). A list of apps you’ve opened since the iPad has been turned on appears along the bottom of the screen. There may be a lot – several pages. Touch one of the apps in the list and move your finger to the left to view more apps that are currently running. This is the list of apps running in the background on your iPad.

Touch and hold the icon of an app you want to completely close. Release the app icon when it starts to wiggle and then tap the red “X” button in the upper-left corner of the icon to completely close the app. Repeat this process for any other apps in the list you want to completely close. Only the ones you really want to remain logged in, such as social networks, need to remain open.

Press the “Home” button to lock the rest of the icons in place and close the list of recently used applications. You can now come back to reading ParisTech Review.

Hoping you will enjoy it,
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