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Why ParisTech Review?

on April 14, 2010, 2 comments

The ongoing technological revolution – the Internet, nanotechnologies, renewable energy, genetic engineering, among others – is affecting the world more radically and rapidly than any in history. At the same time major changes are taking place in demographics, the climate and natural resources. Feeding the world, poverty, globalization, pose problems that can only be solved by technological innovation. The world is changing fundamentally. This affects us all, in business, in our private lives, in our roles as citizens.

ParisTech Review assesses how these technological innovations and fundamental changes impact business, the economy, society, and individuals. Our contributors are visionary business leaders, experts, and researchers who specialize in these fields. Our difference: unconstrained, unbiased and rigorous analysis. Our goal: to stimulate non-ideological and non-political debates (save when we debunk these ideologies) and engage our readers.

ParisTech Review is only available on-line. All our articles are available in French and English. We will publish 10 new articles each month and inform our subscribers via an email newsletter.

Subscribing to ParisTech Review is free to allow us to reach the most people possible. We are funded by patrons. Our editorial committee ensures the quality and independence of all our articles.

ParisTech Review invites people around the world who are looking for independent analysis of the great evolutionary changes and technological innovations which are affecting their lives and their companies to subscribe – for free. Join in our debates by commenting on our articles and forwarding them to your friends and colleagues. (The articles on the website can be reproduced under the terms of the Creative Commons licensing agreement.)

We look forward to your comments on our magazine and our first articles. We invite you to explore our website and forward ParisTech Review to others around the world. The debate will be richer, the larger and more international our reach. Welcome to ParisTech Review: now it’s over to you.

The ParisTech Review Editorial Board

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