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The Zero|Base Series

on April 14, 2010, 2 comments

While the world changes, our institutions spend a significant amount of their resources preserving the status-quo and avoiding major structural modifications.

This conservatism is not simply due to a concern for their personnel: when a system has proven its worth over time, changing it drastically represents a leap into the unknown. We are not prepared to take such risks, unless forced to do so by competition and market forces, or we are in an unbearable situation and there is nothing to lose. Change then takes place amid violence and pain: this is revolution.

The purpose of our zero|base series is to take non-profit sectors of society and design new, optimal systems adapted to today’s world, taking advantage of all available technological innovations but deliberately ignoring existing structures and socio-political constraints. These articles do not attempt to propose new solutions to current problems: they are purely intellectual exercises. But, we believe, by developing ex-nihilo -on paper- rationally coherent, credible and sustainable systems, we can provoke new ideas and spur analytical debates.

Jean Salmona
Founder and Chairman of the Editorial Board of ParisTech Review

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